Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Math of Noah's Ark

Source: Creation Ministries

Was Noah's Ark round? A scholar Dr Irving Finkel claims that the Noah's Ark was actually round, based on a translation of a small Babylonian tablet, named the Ark Tablet.

A replica of "Noah's Ark" according to Dr Finkel.

A ship modeled after the biblical description of Noah's Ark, "Johan's Ark", in the Netherlands

However, there is a rebuttal by, which involves some mathematical arguments.

The Ark Tablet has the following verse: "Draw out the boat you will make on a circular plan; let her length and breadth be equal, let her floor area be one field, let her sides be one nindan high.". The phrase "length and breadth" be equal clearly suggests a square base rather than a round base. More calculations involving the surface area of bitumen needed to coat the Ark suggests that a square based ark is more consistent with the calculations, rather than a circular base.

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