Monday, 5 January 2015

New Topics for Primary 5 Mathematics (P5 Maths)

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The transition from Primary 4 Maths to Primary 5 Maths is a significant one. There will be new topics taught, and also most significantly, the introduction of the calculator!

Most students will be overjoyed at being able to use the calculator. Personally, I feel that using the calculator at such a young age may not be so good, as it deprives student of the arithmetic practice necessary for intuition in calculation, and also affects mental calculation skills. For instance, adding 15+27 mentally should be possible for Primary 5 Students.

Other notable new things that Primary 5 Maths include are:

  • Fraction Division (a confusing topic for many)
  • Area of Triangle
  • Volume of Cube and Cuboid
  • Angles (More advanced than Primary 4, includes sum of angles in Triangle)
The problem sums would be pitched at a higher level now, since students have the calculator. Knowing how to check answers with the calculator would be a huge advantage. (Many students dislike checking answers, from my experience, although it is one of the most important skills needed to ace primary school math.)

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