Sunday, 11 January 2015

Singapore IB Top Student


Out of over 2000 students who sat for the IB exams, Singapore produced 66 perfect scorers! (45 points) One of them is Seah Jun Jie, 18, who switched from the Express stream to the Integrated Programme (IP) in Secondary 3.

Australia is a distant second with 31 perfect scorers.

On average, Singaporean IB students scored 36.43 points.

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Also, here is a Hitler parody on YouTube about "Hitler takes the IB HL Math Test". It is pretty funny, but gives an insight on the type of questions that can appear in the IB HL Math Test, for instance, a question on f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y), which has no numbers!  This is related to something called Cauchy's functional equation!

Please note that this video is not created by me, and only watch it if you have a sense of humour!

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