Sunday, 18 January 2015

JC or Poly? Some tips on choosing between JC or Poly

According to this Straits Times article, JCs offer "broader options" and a quicker route to a university degree.

Our view is that "all roads lead to Rome", no matter which path you take, if you work hard and persevere, you will reach the destination eventually. A downside of the current JC system is that "triple science" i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology combination is no longer allowed. Nor is Further Maths in the syllabus anymore (heard that it may be making a comeback though). This is bad news for those passionately interested in science, since they may have to drop one science subject that they love.

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Another article here showcases different students who chose different paths. For those who are interested in early childhood education, a polytechnic route may be more direct, as mentioned by student Mark Lim.

Some good points about the JC route is that the maths syllabus there is more rigorous, especially if you take the H2 maths syllabus. It would provide a solid foundation for university maths, like multivariable calculus. As a tutor for university students, I have realised that students without H2 Maths background would struggle for the university maths modules, since it is hard to learn calculus over a short time in university. Check out what is H1, H2, H3 maths in this article.

Students who wish to know more about the psychology of learning math can check out the below book by Barbara Oakley. This century has been said to be the most important century since the beginning for mankind for Math. Nowadays everything we use in daily lives, from smart phones, computers, has something to do with Math!

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