Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How to Install Mario Games on TI-84 Plus Graphic Calculator?

The TI-84 is a really powerful calculator, capable of graphing and complex calculations. Wait... There is more! It can even install games like Mario!

First, you will need a cable to connect your TI-84 (Plus Pocket SE is what most JC students use in Singapore) to the computer.

Steps to Install Mario on TI GC

  1. Go to and install MirageOS. Once you download it, right-click send to TI Device. You may send it to Archive.
  2. Next, go to and install Mario 2.0, the engine for the Texas Instrument Mario Game. Similarly, once you download it, right-click and send to TI Device, under Archive.
  3. Finally, go to and install Super Mario Land Level Pack. There are eight levels in total.

Now, to enter the game, click on Apps and select MirageOS. If everything goes well, you should enter MirageOS. Click Enter to search for Mario and you should enter the Mario Game for TI-84+. Press "2nd", which is equivalent to the "A" button on Gameboy, and you should be ready to start. Have fun!

To quit, press "clear" to reach MirageOS, then press "mode".

Note, the Mario game can be found under "prgm", but accessing it there does not work. It will give either "ERR: ARCHIVED" or "ERR: SYNTAX".

To delete Mario from your calculator, go to 2nd->mem->Mem Mgmt/Del. You may remove Mario from the calculator once you reach there.

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