Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Math of Star Wars



J. J. Abrams is making Star Wars Episode 7. He rented three speeder bikes which was 700 imperial credits to start. He must pay 100 imperial credits (EACH) to keep his speeder bikes daily. If he does not pay daily, Prince Xizor and other Black Sun members will kidnap J. J. Abrams, bring him to Mustafar, and sacrifice him.
J. J. Abrams is also paying 5 bounty hunters to keep separatist spies out. That costs 200 imperial credits (EACH) to start, then 50 imperial credits for each bounty hunter every time they capture a spy. The Separatists send 2 spies every day.
In how many days does J. J. Abrams spend the same amount of imperial credits on speeders and bounty hunters?
A kid named Cody decided to set a Math question based on Star Wars, a rather complicated one it seems. J. J. Abrams, the famous director, decided to answer his question (see below)! Very impressive! See, even directors need to use some Math!
Lets try to verify JJ Abrams' answer (2.5 days)! (The question is a bit confusing to be honest, since it does not clearly specify 700 imperial credits is for total or individual speeder bikes. I have added the words (EACH) to make it more clear. But it is a very good job considering it is a small kid!)
Let x be the amount of imperial credits spent on speeders.
Let y be the amount of imperial credits spent on bounty hunters.
x=700+300d, where d is the number of days after the initial day
Hence, d=300/200=1.5
Adding the initial day, 1+1.5=2.5 days.
Wow, a tough one indeed!
Challenge: Solve the question posed by JJ Abrams!

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