Monday, 29 December 2014

Singapore Math Questions

Singapore Math Questions

The following are a list of typical questions from the Singapore Math syllabus. Most are taken from my blog at

Singapore Math (Elementary School)

A list of questions on angles, a popular Singapore Math question for grade 6.

Need some practice on Chicken and Rabbit questions? Try out these questions generated by a Chicken and Rabbit Question generator.

Singapore Math (High School)

Very useful helpsheet for Singapore Math (High School). Comes in two versions, the more basic Elementary Maths, and the more advance Additional Maths.

A number pattern question that may prove to be quite puzzling...

How to factorize $a^3-b^3$? Comes with a YouTube video!

Check out how to solve this challenging probability question on choosing balls from a bag.

Frequently make careless mistakes for your exams? This article may help you out.

Check out this very challenging logarithm question designed to challenge high school students.

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